My favourite luxury Scented candles for Christmas

One of my personal little luxuries in daily life is lighting luxury scented candles in my home. While some may think they are overpriced, I gladly spend the money on something that makes me feel better and relaxed. A fragrance illicit memories and is therefore a powerful tool to create a mood. Scented candles also […]

Celebrating Advent with 2 DIY evergreen centerpieces

Happy first Advent! The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. This year my Christmas colour palette is copper with rust brown and orangy hues. My DIY advent calendar is spruced up with copper, and so are the two table centerpieces I made with evergreen and flowers. To finish the look I used copper wire to create the […]

White Christmas

Christmas decorating is still in full swing. In my seating area I created a cozy white christmas ambiance with lots of candles. The Dutch canal house tea light holders are a big hit this year. You see them in all sizes and forms. Mine are from Bastion and are so lovely when lit.

Light up your matches

I’m burning lots of candles these days, and with Christmas and advent even more. That means I also use a lot of matches. In several stores I saw beautiful boxes for Christmas, but often quite costly. That gave me the idea to spruce up an ordinary cheap match box. It looks much more attractive on […]

It’s the Season of Advent

Today marks the beginning of the season of Advent. I lighted the first candle in my self crafted modern interpretation of an Advent wreath and also in my other playful Advent wreath I showed you earlier this week (click here) I created a special nook for my Advent celebration. The textile with musical notes is […]

A snug and sophisticated Christmas collection

Like every year I love the Christmas collection of Dutch brand Rivièra Maison. The collection evokes feelings of winter warmth and snugness. Warm knits and soft faux furs are combined with shimmering candle sticks and glossy white ribbon. The collection makes you almost yearn for snow, so you can snug on the couch and enjoy […]