DIY: Make your own gift labels

In my blog post Think outside the box I shared some gift wrapping ideas with you. I also promised to show you how I made the gift tags you saw in the pictures. I’m not really a crafts person, but making these gift tags are actually quite simple even for a crafts novice. What I like about making your own tags, is that it adds something personal to the gift and the gift wrapping. I kept the tags white with stamps, but you can also paint them, or sprinkle them with glitters. The possibilities are endless. What I also like about these gift tags, is that the recipient can re-use them as pendants and hang them in their Christmas tree.

Gift wrapping

DIY gift tags gift tags

What you’ll need:

  • Air-drying modelling material
  • stamps and an ink pad
  • roller
  • a small brush
  • cookie molds
  • ribbon
  • baking sheet paper and oven



  1. knead the modelling material and roll flat
  2. use your cookie mold to create tags
  3. make a hole with the back of a brush
  4. stamp your tag
  5. Lay on a baking sheet and put in the oven on 125 degrees Celsius (without pre-heating) to bake for 30 minutes

DIY tags

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  1. Wow, they are lovely. I’ve been seeing this air drying clay material used for other projects, haven’t used it before but definitely going to try it. Thanks for the lovely tutorial. Have a great Christmas x

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