Outdo Santa with Mapology Guides

I have so many decisions to make, especially around Christmas time. What to cook, where to go, what to wear, what gifts to buy whom. And then there are the new year’s objectives and priorities to think about too. We usually turn to friends, family, the internet or books to get answers in our decision […]

Gift for Her: Fornasetti scented candle

Are you already shopping holiday gifts? Ever since I was nominated for an Amara blog award, the Amara web shop is one of my go-to-gift shops to browse luxury home decor accessories. They have the best design brands like Ralph Lauren, Missoni Home, and Kate Spade, just to name a few. And lucky for me, they […]

5 Homemade Hostess Gifts

Are you visiting family this holiday and don’t know what to give the hostess as a gesture of appreciation? Make a homemade gift! Home made gifts make much more impact and release you from any last-minute shopping stress. The effort and consideration that goes into making a gift says more than a thousand words. Here […]

Black and white Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Gift wrapping is so much fun. I love to wrap my presents myself instead of leaving it to the store’s wrapping counter to do it for you. I feel it makes your gift extra special and shows consideration. Last year I had everything wrapped in a red and white theme. This year I’m going for […]

My Holiday Gift Guide on Dawanda

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming….I’m so excited, because December is one of my favourite months in the year. Despite the weather this is the only cold month I do like. I love to go shopping an indulge in the festive lit and decorated shop windows, pretty gift wrapping services, and glamourous clothing […]

Throw and Grow

I found the most fabulous gift! A gift that shows your love, and has a delayed surprise factor. It’s confetti that grows into wildflowers. I think it’s a super fun idea to mark a special event like a wedding or when you move in together. Or what about the birth of a baby? The plantable […]

3 Paper crushes

Beautiful stationery and pretty gift paper always make me happy. In this year and age we hardly send eachother any paper mail anymore, and we are so much dependent on our smart phones for making notes and communicating. I think our generation therefore longs back to paper goods which explains the current trend and revival […]