My Holiday Gift Guide on Dawanda

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming….I’m so excited, because December is one of my favourite months in the year. Despite the weather this is the only cold month I do like. I love to go shopping an indulge in the festive lit and decorated shop windows, pretty gift wrapping services, and glamourous clothing collections. But what I also like is to scout for exclusive finds online at Dawanda. Dawanda is a portal or market place for unique, handmade and customisable products by independent sellers. Artists, designers, and craft makers or sellers who are part of a small family run business introduce you to their handmade, one-off pieces. You’ll find anything from furniture, jewelery, digital art, clothes, music, art, toys, as long as it’s not mass produced.

Would you like to see my holiday gift guide with all my favourite finds from various small shop owners? Have a look here.


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