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I have so many decisions to make, especially around Christmas time. What to cook, where to go, what to wear, what gifts to buy whom. And then there are the new year’s objectives and priorities to think about too. We usually turn to friends, family, the internet or books to get answers in our decision making process. But as of now there are also Mapology Guides to tackle life’s daily dilemmas. Mapology Guides are fun, visual guides to sort your thoughts and creatively explore your options to make better choices and decisions.

My dear blogger friend Tina Bernstein, and Mike Abrahams are the curators of this great new concept. By ways of bit-size, visual learning and self governance they wanted to create something humorous, engaging and educational. They teamed up with different writers and illustrators to produce maps and postcards. Currently there are three mapology guides with matching postcards collections: Be Present Perfect, What’s Bugging You?, and Would like to meet.IMG_3598

Get the right gift

My favourite mapology guide is Be Present Perfect, just in time for Christmas shopping. It helps to get the right gift for basically anyone in your circle. From your sister, or nanny, to colleague and even your sex buddy. The map is accompanied by postcards with illustrations of gift tags.IMG_3592What’s bugging you

To tackle real life problems (no offense to the perfect gift seekers and Santa), there is the What’s bugging you map addressing questions to help you find way in our inner thoughts and things that bother us.IMG_3595 IMG_3597

For the Pet Lovers

How to choose the perfect pet that fits in with your life style and is just right for you? The Would like to Meet map is a perfect matchmaking guide for people and pets ranging from dogs, turtles to spiders.The postcards are like small cartoons and so funny!IMG_3600

To see more of Mapology Guides or get your own, visit the website.

Although this blog post was created in collaboration with Mapology guides through a gift, I like to reiterate that I only recommend products and services I really like and feel are good for my readers.

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  1. Thank you for the most wonderful review. I love how you portrayed the maps.

    Interesting the Present one is your favourite. You’re so good at giving presents. Delighted you liked our humour and appreciated the modern take with the ‘sex buddy’ 😘

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