Setting the table with Mellor Ware

Easter is only a few weeks away. Have you started thinking about the theme and colours for your tablesetting yet? I’ve been a fan of Mellor Ware for quite some time now and I think it fits in perfectly with Easter. Mellor Ware is designed by Sheffield based Lianne Mellor. Her drawings are influenced by the quintessentially British past times of afternoon teas, garden parties and quirky dances. Mellor Ware is inspired by the idea that when our backs are turned, foxes, birds, squirrels and hedgehogs come out and act out these very English activities.

Watercolour animals adorn cup and saucers, plates and mugs. The fun thing is that you can mix and match the different collections and create your own animal party and tell your own tale

My blogfriend Titia recently extended her range of collections in her webstore Kleur op Tafel. For other stockists, click here.



photo source: Kleur op Tafel

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3 thoughts on “Setting the table with Mellor Ware

  1. He Louise, thanks for this great blog-post! I was having a great vacation in the snow last week, I dis see some of your postings, but just missed this one. Thanks for sharing with all your readers!

  2. Sweet illustrations, a very British feel. Not totally what I would go for, but I can see them used in a wonderful children’s English tea party play date. Looking forward to seeing you soon.xx

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