How to create an OZsome room

Have you seen the new Disney movie ‘Oz the Great and Powerful‘? What a captivating and beautiful production it is! The musical interpretation of the classic movie the Wizard of Oz with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson is my favourite fairy tale movie ever since I was a kid. This movie however, tells the story about the wizard and what happened before Dorothy came to this enchanted land. I was mesmerized by the magical land they created in 3D and all the special effects. The story is about a circus magician from Kansas, Oscar, who entertains people and tricks women, being a real womanizer. One day he is swept away to a magical land divided by a power struggle between two evil witches and one good witch. Watch the trailer:

After seeing the movie I started thinking about how to create an OZsome kidsroom without going all Disney on you. You can easily visualize the story in your interior by using contemporary and stylish designs: An emerald green chair represents Emerald City. Remember the scene where they were transported by bubbles? So let’s throw in a bubble chair. Oz arrived in an air balloon, so that’s a no-brainer. And let’s not forget the poppy field. With a few trendy accessories you create your own wizard room.

Oz room
chair – IKEA | rug – Loods 5 | hat pendant lamp – Jake Phipps | dove lamp – Strand West | monkey pillow – | poppy tin – Marimekko | hot air balloon – | hanging bubble chair – Eero Arnio

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