Framed Feathers

Ever since I was a child I enjoyed collecting beautiful feathers. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that two Dutch ladies, Martine van den Berg and Anna van den Boogert, frame feathers and sell them via their label Lola & Kate: Cabinet of Curiosities. They sell all kinds of feathers, from owls, ostriches, peacocks, and more. Their brand name derives from two portrets they both have at home. Feathers are a great way to bring in nature in your home decor. They symbolize freedom, but also vulnerability. Their website is still under construction but you can order your frame via their facebook or buy them at Harvest & Company in Amsterdam, or at Anna + Nina which I featured earlier this month (read here).

framed feathers by Lola-Kate Framed feathers

framed feathers 3
photography: Paulina Arcklin Picture This (left) and Lola & Kate (right)

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