Homemade with Love: 3 Summer delights

It’s been a while since my last hostess gift idea column Homemade with Love. Now that summer holidays are starting, people start visiting each other more, for barbecues and garden parties. And nothing beats a home made gift for the hostess to show your appreciation and love. A gift that smells, or tastes like summer. Here are 3 easy DIY gifts:

Homemade Elderflower syrup.

Make your own elderflower syrup and bottle it nicely with a handwritten giftlabel. Have a look at my blog post How to make your own Elderflower Syrup.

Elderflower syrup

Vanilla and Lavender Sugar

Vanilla and Lavender sugar is fragrant and has a lovely flavour. You can add it to your tea, in cake batter, or on top of pancakes. It’s also lovely to sprinkle on fruit, like plums, apples, pears, or apricots, and roast them in the oven. Mix the sugar, bruised lavender flowers, and vanilla beans a few days in advance in a pot and let it rest for a few days, before giving it away. The aromas need enough time to blend.

vanilla-lavender sugar

Lavender sachets 

Fold your own sachets from brown craft paper and fill them with dried lavender flowers from your garden. A lace ribbon around it, and voila, you have a home made gift.

lavender sachet

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  1. That’s a lovely idea. I love lavender and vanilla.

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