Make your own iced tea

My favourite drink in summer is iced tea. And then I don’t mean the sugar boost you get from a cardboard box, but I mean real homemade iced tea. There are so many tea blends that are perfect to drink chilled. The green tea elderflower-apple tea from Dille & Kamille for example. Steep your tea overnight  in cold water to keep it clear and prevent it from getting bitter. Then add some honey, fresh mint, apple and lemon and let it rest in the fridge for another hour or so. And it’s ready to serve!  It’s refreshing and it looks lovely when entertaining too.

summer drink

homemade iced tea iced tea iced tea DIY

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  1. This looks so refreshing and delicious Louise. Perfect for the hot Summer days we’ve been getting. x


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  2. […] Make your own iced tea ( […]

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