Weekendtip: Visit the Pure market in Amsterdam

Every second Sunday of the month the Pure market flocks to the Amstelpark in Amsterdam. It is a well spent afternoon to go and have a look and rummage the many food stands and food trucks that line up along the park’s paths. The pure market is a traveling Sunday market with a number of locations in Amsterdam and changing locations beyond. The objective is to introduce us to as many (usually around 70) farmers, artisans and food specialists as possible. All products and produce are pure, organic and sold by the producers themselves. They can tell you everything about their ware’s origin and production. [continue reading after photos]


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You’ll see organic poultry farmers, you can buy organic fruit and vegetables, herbs, cheeses, honey, bread, and even oysters. There are also quite a few food trucks where you can indulge in home made tapas, smoothies, ice cream, or Colombian empanadas.  They will smoke a salmon right in front of you eyes. You will see turkey eggs and you can sip from a fresh coconut while walking the grounds. [continue reading after photo]

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Also in the field of non-food you will find a nice assortment of pure products like e.g. handmade soaps, panama hats and jewelry.The market is from 11 a.m. -6 p.m. and entrance is free. For kids there is a merry-go-round and large playground. You can also picnic in the park or stroll through the rose garden.

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