Cover it up

Bring in colour by covering your old Ikea furniture with the new Bemz covers! Bemz latest design collaborationis with Littlephant, a lifestyle brand that screams happiness. Your room will have an instant make-over and your dated furniture gets new life. The Swedish design company Littlephant is characterized by playful and colourful products and textiles for young and old, created by designer and illustrator Camilla Lundsten. It all started with a playful red elephant character called Littlephant, created by Camilla Lundsten when writing and illustrating children’s books. Founded in 2009, Littlephant has grown organically and offers high quality, clever and colourful products for all the family.

Bemz have selected six of Littlephant’s colorful, graphic patterns to first represent them in the Designer Collection.

Littlephantbigimage_635316125293745720_w974_h568_cx10_cy10_cx2240_cy2140bemz covers


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