Villa & Jardins Ephrussi de Rothschild

When visiting th Côte d’Azur there is one sight one cannot skip to complete the experience and that is the villa and gardens Ephrussi de Rothschild. Located only a 30 minute drive from Nice, on a peninsula in the town Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, you are to discover an aristocratic piece of history. Saint Jean Cap Ferrat is in itself worth a visit either way. Its tranquillity and warm climate make it a favourite holiday destination among the European aristocracy and international millionaires. Beautiful vistas, quiet beaches and jaw-dropping villas make this part of the French Riviera a picture perfect area to explore.IMG_5220IMG_5244IMG_5243 The pale pink villa, evocative of an Italian pallazo, transports you back to the early 1900s. It used to be the residence of Béatrice Ephrusi de Rothschild, who had great taste in art and porcelain. You can tour the many rooms and gauge at the opulence on display. However, I decided to focus this first visit (and definitely not my last) on the breathtaking gardens.IMG_5205IMG_5214IMG_5223 The Villa is surrounded by nine magnificent gardens decorated with patios, waterfalls, ornamental ponds, flowerbeds, shady paths and rare species of trees. A few times per day there is a musical fountain show in the garden. Have a sneak peek of it via this short video+audio post on my instagram. There are dispersed benches in the shade where one can sit and take in the overwhelming beauty of it all. From different parts of the garden you can soak up the far-reaching vistas of the alpes, blue waters and quaint villages. Imagine living here…IMG_5224IMG_5209IMG_5210IMG_5199IMG_5194IMG_5227IMG_5228 The lush gardens are boasting voluptuous roses, bougainvillea, lilies, different palm species and perfectly trimmed trees and bushes. The work that goes into these gardens must be immense. Each garden has its own theme: French, Japanese, Spanish, Florentine and so on. Expect to spend several hours in these gardens to truly experience the tranquility and beauty of it. Photos can’t capture the ambiance, sounds and smells of this extraordinary place. IMG_5236IMG_5239IMG_5240IMG_5202Admission is €13. There is limited parking available. For more information, visit their website.

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