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Restaurant Waves at the Kurhaus celebrates Oosterschelde lobster week

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Restaurant Waves at the Kurhaus celebrates its first anniversary with an Oosterschelde lobster week from April 7 – 17, 2016. On April 4, 2015 restaurant Waves at the Kurhaus opened its doors with a modern bar, a unique panoramic terrace and a new restaurant on the seaside of the renowned Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus. The restaurant is led by chief cook Marc Smeets. To celebrate this unique milestone, Smeets puts the Dutch Oosterschelde lobster in the limelight.

Restaurant Waves Kurhaus

Due to the location of the Waves at the Kurhaus, Smeets mainly uses the North Sea and the environment as inspiration for his menu in his international and contemporary cuisine. Using pure flavors and products, cooking at a high level, but still being accessible to everyone is important Smeets. From 7 to April 17 the menu is dominated by a wonderful Dutch luxury product; Oosterschelde lobster. ‘In Waves at the Kurhaus we are inspired by the best seasonal products of our country.  Hence, the Oosterschelde lobster. For me, the king or queen of spring! ” says chief cook Marc Smeets. Oosterschelde lobster differs from Canadian lobster in its stucture which is creamier, and the colour. Dutch lobster also remains longer in a salt environment, which influences the flavour. The Ooosterschelde lobster season always starts on April 1st.

What to expect?

For €34,50 you can expect a delicious 3-course experience. I was invited to the Chef’s table were I got to taste a few lobster dishes. We started with marinated egg plant with lobster. Then I tasted cooked asparagus, with parsnip, aromatic lobster, asparagus marinated in oil, and green pea kres.

Restaurant Waves KurhausRestaurant Waves Kurhaus

Next, we had mango jelly with chili and mint, cucumber, frozen lobster rocks, and the lobster claw. You could clearly taste the difference, it was less sweet meat than the body. And last we had a lobster marhmellow with parmesan cheese.

Restaurant Waves KurhausRestaurant Waves Kurhaus

Smeets prepares the Oosterschelde lobster in a modern and contemporary way but in classic style that suits the Kurhaus hotel. From street food concepts to the traditional bisque, the Oosterschelde is so versatile. “I think guests will be surprised by the dishes we serve.”, says Smeets

Besides the Oosterschelde lobster, restaurant Waves at the Kurhaus added some classics on the menu to look forward to as well. In addition, the changing postal bottles offer an exciting 3, 4 or 5 course menu of the season. We tried a planchet with pork, duck liver, and steak. Delicious!

Restaurant Waves KurhausWaves Kurhaus

Waves restaurant terras Waves restaurant

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