Christmas decor in the kitchen

Decorating the house for Christmas doesn’t stop at the living and dining area. In a few simple steps you can transform your kitchen to exude the holiday spirit. Put your Christmas cookie cutter on display in large mason jars. Or, inject your kitchen with the scent of fresh Christmas with a miniature pine tree or a bowl of greenery and pine cones. Use a wooden stick as a rod to hang small Christmas ornaments between your branches, or just use your utensils rod and combine the functionals with the decoratives. By grouping mason jars in different sizes, filled with marshmellows and candy canes, you create a beautiful still life. And to make it real festive, line your shelves with flickering light strings.

christmas-in-the-kitchenchristmas in the kitchenchristmas-in-the-kitchen-2christmas-in-the-kitchen-3

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