Pantone unveils Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

A new year calls for new beginnings, and thus a new color of the year. Color institute Pantone announced that greenery will be this year’s colour. It’s a green-yellowish hue that is fresh and cheery. The new colour symbolizes our re-connection with nature and the environment. It resembles the green hue of grass, or apples and vegetables. That is not a coincidence, because the colour reflects the current political and social climate: more attention for the environment, the growing group of people that adopt a vegan lifestyle, and healthy living.


How to use green in your home decor

Using the colour ‘Greenery” in your interior might be too much for you as it’s not really a timeless shade, nor subtle. However, you can use it sparingly by introducing it through statement pieces or by mixing and matching it with other green hues. Think of sprucing up an accent wall with a striking green wallpaper or paint colour. Or play around with just one eye catching furniture piece like an armchair. The easiest way to integrate a new colour in your home decor is ofcourse by adding small pieces like vases,throw  pillows and accessories, as those are best interchangeable.

Green home decor


armchairs Leen Bakker – Wallpaper Graham & Brown – Pendant lamp Serax – striped cushion House of Chutney -Blocked Cushion Normann Copenhagen – Lambskin rug Pols Potten 

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