Strand Zuid Amsterdam

An afternoon at Strand Zuid in Amsterdam

Last Wednesday, my friend and I and the kids spent the afternoon at the newly opened Strand Zuid in Amsterdam (translates: Beach South). Since I only work part-time I try to enjoy my days off as much as possible, especially in summer. I like to go outside and explore new restaurants, stroll through Amsterdam, or go to the beach. I was therefore super curious about the new city beach in Amsterdam that is all of the aforementioned combined. My friend and I met for lunch and spent the whole afternoon on the city beach, basking in the sun.

Strand Zuid Amsterdam

Green oasis

Strand Zuid in Amsterdam is a restaurant, city beach and events location. It is hidden right behind the RAI. What I loved most was the shady outside terrace with views on the pond and Beatrix Park. The trees are filled with wicker lamps so I can imagine the ambiance in the evening. The interior as well as the terrace are packed with plants making it a green oasis. You can hardly believe you are in the city.

Strand Zuid AmsterdamStrand Zuid AmsterdamStrand Zuid AmsterdamStrand Zuid AmsterdamStrand Zuid Amsterdam

The interior

I instantly fell in love with the interior design. It’s a mix of elegance and robust with warm wooden ceiling beams, leather chairs and lots of greenery.

Strand Zuid AmsterdamStrand Zuid AmsterdamStrand Zuid AmsterdamStrand Zuid AmsterdamThe Food

The menu at Strand Zuid is boasting with fresh and healthy dishes, surf and turf inspired combos and even vegan and vegetarian meals. I had a salmon burger with a tasty sweet and sour sauce and a super healthy salad.

Lunch at Strand Zuid Amsterdam Lunch Strand Zuid AmsterdamThe Beach

The beach at Strand Zuid has plenty of loungers, beds, and design chairs. There’s a separate bar from the restaurant to stay refreshed and cool while sunbathing. It was quite tranquil and peaceful, especially for a Wednesday afternoon when a lot of Dutch women are free from work. I guess because it’s still new and undiscovered. I bet when I go back in a month it’ll be packed.

Strand Zuid AmsterdamStrand Zuid AmsterdamStrand Zuid Amsterdam

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