Day trip from Kusadasi: Sirince

Sirince is a charming little village in the mountains. It is a popular village for tourists to get a taste of a traditional Turkish village.

Yesterday I shared my top 10 of things to do in Kusadasi. Today I would like to zoom in on one of the tips: a visit to Sirince village.

Sirince, which means ‘pretty’ is a charming little village in the mountains. On a height of 600 meters, in the back-land of Izmir and Kusadasi it is a popular destination for tourists to get a taste of a traditional Turkish town. Its signature architecture of white Greek houses remind us that it was once an Ottoman Greek settlement. However after WWI there was an exchange of population with the Turks from Thessaloniki. Some of the Greek homes were restored and are now B&Bs or small boutique hotels. The ambiance in Sirince has nonetheless remained very peaceful and quiet.  You will be surrounded by the sounds of chirping birds, rustling leaves, and local seniors having a coffee outside their homes. When day tourists overflow the small streets, it can get a bit crowded so choose your time to visit wisely.

Sirince TurkeySirinceSirince

Best lunch/dinner spot: Restaurant Artemis

A popular lunch spot in Sirince is the restaurant Artemis. Here you get to sample traditional and authentic Turkish food in a lovely flourishing and shady garden. The restaurant is perching on a hill which gives you a spectacular view over the surrounding vineyards and rolling mountains.


Sirince wines

Sirince is famous for its fruit wines. The main street is packed with small shops selling tens of different fruit wines. You are invited to sample them, and once you have it is hard to leave without at least one bottle. The fruit wines are made of berries, peach, cherries, apple, apricot and even melon. They come as white, red and rosé and sweet or dry.

sirince wine

Local market

The local market is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. From homemade conserves, local honey and pomegranate vinegar, to olive oils, dried herbs and dried fruit. You will find it in Sirince. Friendly old ladies patiently let you try and taste everything to get you acquainted with all that Turkey has to offer.

SirinceSirince villageSirince village

Gift shopping

The more you go uphill, into the cobbled stone and swirling alleys, you will discover small shops and artisan work shops. Small handicrafts, a Turkish kilim rug or traditional tin pottery make perfect souvenirs and gifts to take back home.

Sirince village

Turkish coffee or tea

Before heading back to your hotel or apartment you must try a real Turkish coffee or tea on one of the cozy outside terraces. The Turkish coffee ritual is quite interesting to experience as they heat it by moving a copper pot in a big bowl of sand.

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