Hotel to Heart: Castle Bloemendal in Vaals

Last week I blogged about the exiting weekend trip to Limburg in the south of the Netherlands. Today, I would like to share more about that little escape that left me so rejuvenated. What makes or breaks a perfect getaway is in my opinion the hotel. And boy, we stayed in a hidden gem! The Kasteel Bloemendal, also known as the Hotel Van der Valk Vaals, is a gorgeous castle set in a green haven of tranquility. Driving up towards the hotel instantly makes you feel like nobility. An impressive white castle with fountains, statues, an extensive garden and an elegant staircase leading to entrance, lure you in.

Elegance and luxury

Our room looked as if it was made for me. The castle room, as mine is categorized, was coincidentally in my favourite colour palette. Situated in the old castle, the floor to ceiling windows had a stunning view on the castle gardens. Hovering over the comfortable Swiss Sense boxspring sparks a painting of a Lady, that will have you mesmerized for the entire stay. Her intense blue eyes are painted in a way as if they really look at you, no matter where you stand in the room. Glossy curtains, Chinese pottery, rich and fluffy fabrics and classic chairs evoke a feeling of luxury and opulence in the room. And let’s not forget the marble bathroom with a separate rain shower and stand alone bathtub.

The garden

The piece resistance of Kasteel Bloemendal in Vaals is hands down the garden. With it fountains, multiple benches and beautiful views on the castle, it is a perfect retreat. I loved walking the grounds while taking in the rustles of the leaves and chirping of the birds. In autumn it is a beautiful sight with the colourful leaves. I can imagine that it will also be beautiful in the other seasons when everything is either in bloom, or covered with snow, or mysteriously veiled in fog.

Feeling like nobility

The entire hotel is pure elegance and luxury. Long castle hallways transport you back to yesteryear. It isn’t hard to visualize how nobility lived here. We also had dinner at the hotel restaurant which was amazing! Seasonal products are perfectly combined into delicious dishes. Loved the service! Let’s not forget the breakfast buffet boasting with waffles, pancakes, an omelet station, different kinds of breads and savoury and sweet things to choose from.

Thank you Kasteel Bloemendal for a lovely stay!

This blog post was created in collaboration with Swiss Sense. All opinions are my own.

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