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Top 5 Christmas Trends 2017

Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas again. Time to uncover the Christmas colour and decorations trends of 2017! I’m super excited about this year’s trends as they are so versatile and distinctive. There’s something out there for everyone and for some you don’t even have to go out shopping because they are a recurrent Christmas style.

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Trend 1: Blue elegance and luxury

Dark blue, swirls of marble and a hint of gold. Rich fabrics and gleaming materials like velvet and sequined fabrics make this trend totally up my par.

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photo from Livingetc Dec 2017
photo from Livingetc Dec 2017

Trend 2: (Girly) Food in the tree

Are you a sweet tooth? Then this is your Christmas! Fill your tree with ornaments that almost beckon you to put your teeth in them. This trend is a bit girly with a hint of the carnival. The colours and materials are pink, pastels, sequins, rainbow, glitter. Which ornaments to look for? Donuts, popcorn, croissants, pieces of cake or cookies, lollipops, cotton candy, sushi rolls, milkshakes, unicorns, merry-go-round, rainbow. However for the dudes there are also plenty of food ornaments like: hotdogs, a babrbecue set, beer bottles, or a coca cola can.

christmas ornaments
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Trend 3: Botanical

The botanical trend is all about natural elements and insects. Think transparent baubles with fresh foliage, pine or dried flowers, jars with greenery, green garlands, bugs and insects as glitzy tree ornaments. It’s also a trend to have multiple small Christmas trees instead of one. Or use lots of greenery in your decorations and tablesetting to create a natural and fragrant Christmas decor.

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Trend 4: Classic Christmas

The classic red, green and white Christmas never goes out of style. Gingerbread houses and figures, tartan plaid, wooden toys, toadstools and gnomes, and red ribbons define the classic Christmas trend this year.


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Trend 5: Winter wonderland

Magical snow globes, enchanted miniature Christmas trees, owls, polar bears and wooden ornaments. The Winter Wonderland trend is a recurrent theme in the holiday season. Whether you opt for snow white and ice blue or a more rough and rustic style, it’s all about creating that polar style. With decorations of wood, antlers, faux fur throws and pillows and thick knit wools you instantly create that mountain cabin atmosphere.

sphere photos courtesy of H&M Home

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