MUDAM Luxembourg

3 Reasons to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM) in Luxembourg

Visiting Luxembourg? Then a visit to the Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM) has to be on your ‘to see list’. In the beginning I was a little reluctant because I’m not particular a fan of Modern Art. But once there my attitude was quickly overturned because the MUDAM is quite different from other modern art museums.

MUDAM Luxembourg

The building

The MUDAM (Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean) is designed by  Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei who also designed the Louvre in Paris. The high glass ceilings and glass facades against limestone and concrete, the circular stairs and formalist sober and monumental style are highly intriguing. The building is built in an asymmetrical geometric V-shape and together with its entrance bridge is resembles an arrow. Once inside you will be marveled by the naturally lighted spaces, especially the grand hall with a glass structure of 33 m high, made of a metallic frame. The building’s glass structures in the different spaces are magnificent.

MUDAM LuxembourgMUDAM Luxembourg MUDAM Luxembourg MUDAM Luxembourg MUDAM Luxembourg

The natural landscape

The MUDAM is located on the ramparts of the Fort Thüngen in a gorgeous and peaceful landscape. Surrounded by the forest of Park Dräi Eechelen (planned by landscapist, Michel Desvigne) it offers magnificent views onto the old town. It’s hard to believe that the tranquil haven is just a short walk from the European district of Kirchberg. Fort Thüngen that dates back to 1733 is now the museum for military and national history. It is also part of the Circuit Vauban, a 4 km walking route between Kirchberg and the Old Town.

MUDAM Luxembourg MUDAM Luxembourg

MUDAM’s unique concept: Be the Artists’ Guest

Unlike any other museum the MUDAM has the unique concept ‘Be the Artists’ Guest’ which gives guest artists carte blanche, allowing them free run of the museum to take charge of and interpret all its space. The expositions regularly change.

MUDAM LuxembourgMUDAM LuxembourgMUDAM LuxembourgMUDAM Luxembourg MUDAM Luxembourg MUDAM LuxembourgMUDAM LuxembourgMUDAM LuxembourgMUDAM Luxembourg

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