Wine tasting with the Taste Club box

I’m super excited about a subscription I started three months ago to a monthly wine box; The Taste Club. It is the perfect way to get introduced to new wines that are curated in accordance with your personal preferences, to learn about your taste and to develop your palette. The hand-picked wines get delivered in a chic black and gold box right to your doorstep at the beginning of each month. But how do they know your personal preferences, I hear you think. Well, that is exactly where it starts getting interesting.

What’s your wine profile?

First, you have to take a short quiz online where you answer like/dislike questions about foods that have absolutely nothing to do with wine. Do you like or dislike spiced cake, oysters, candy? The different flavours and textures of the foods are apparently put into an algorithm of wine math that calculates exactly what your personal wine profile is. The result of the quiz is two personal wine profiles: one for white wine and one for red wines. Funny enough, mine were right on the dime! Below you can see my white wine taste profile.

I like juicy, fruity, round wines that are delicate in the mouth. Wines with a high acidity or tannin are not my thing. My favourite wines are wines that aged wooded. The profile suggests that certain grapes will be to my liking namely Rousanne, Grenache Blanc and Limoux. I do know from my own experience that I like sweet wines, rich, full wines with intense aroma and often wines from New Zealand, Mosel and Riesling.

How it works: learn, taste, rate

Next, you choose your subscription. You can opt for only white/red or mixed wine boxes and for 3 or 6 bottle boxes. The subscription can be paused, changed or cancelled at any time. Once you made your choice you are set to start your wine tasting journey. Opening the Taste Club box is always fun because it feels like opening a present due to the surprise factor. Each box is filled with the wines but also with beautiful cards giving background information about the winery, the region and the wine. It’s so interesting to learn more about the winery, often family-run by people with a passion. The card also tells you what foods best to pair it with and there’s a section to log your rating and make notes. You can also rate the individual wines on your online profile page so that future wine choices are better curated to your specific taste. How cool is that?

The wine choices – what to expect

The wines are hand-picked by a team at Grapedistrict. They search the whole world for the most exciting and delicious wines. All wines are always blindly tasted by two panels to judge them on taste and price quality. Only the tastiest and most original wines come in the Taste Club box. The Taste Club box has a slight preference for responsible and sustainable produced wines. All wines are imported exclusively by them in the Netherlands, directly from the farmer.

20% discount for 30s Magazine readers

As a reader of 30s Magazine you can now try the Taste Club box with a 20% discount. To get the discount you need to sign up here and the amount will be subtracted from your total automatically. Enjoy!

(this blog post is NOT paid or sponsored. I’m recommending this because I genuinely like it and would like to spread the joy)

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