How to Style and care for the Amaryllis

styling the amarylis

The amaryllis is one of the most chic and stylish flowers. It comes in different colours: white, red, yellow, pink, salmon, purple, orange and bi-coloured. There are usually four to six imposing flowers on the stem and no foliage. That’s why they sometimes call the Amaryllis the ‘Naked Lady’ in the United States. What makes it so special […]

DIY: Make your Amaryllis bulbs sparkle for Christmas

Inspired by a DIY blog post from my blog friend Inga from Germany, I decided to add some sparkle to my Amaryllis bulb. All you need is silver foil, glue, craft stickers (from Dutch store Hema), artificial snow and moss. Fill a vase with moss and sprinkle a little artificial snow on top of it. […]