styling the amarylis

How to Style and care for the Amaryllis

styling the amaryllis

The amaryllis is one of the most chic and stylish flowers. It comes in different colours: white, red, yellow, pink, salmon, purple, orange and bi-coloured. There are usually four to six imposing flowers on the stem and no foliage. That’s why they sometimes call the Amaryllis the ‘Naked Lady’ in the United States. What makes it so special is that it blooms so beautifully. The different flowers open dramatically, looking different each day, and once open add sophistication to any space. There are many ways to style the amaryllis. A huge trend is to hang them. Because of the hollow stem you can hang them and pour water into the stem. Combined with a copper pipe it enhances the festive glitter and glamour of Christmas.

styling the amaryllisamaryllis hangingstyling the amaryllis

If you like to make a statement or eye catching arrangement on Christmas day, you can also hang them as shown below. Howver you’ll need to put them in water before and afterwards.amaryllis1

The amaryllis matches well with eucalyptus, seasonal branches and berries. For a winter feel combine white blooms with the white amaryllis. It instantly creates a chic winter mood.

amaryllisamaryllis arrangmentamaryllis arrangmentamaryllis arrangment

How to take care of the amaryllis

Most Amaryllis will look good for 10 to 14 days in a vase, dependent on the room temperature. To keep them beautiful for as long as possible you should:

  • Cut the end of the stem diagonally.
  • Pick a solid vase as the flower is quite heavy.
  • Place the flower in a clean vase of water.
  • Place it in a relatively cool position.

Amaryllis Bulb

An amaryllis bulb doesn’t need any watering nor earth. You can put it in a bowl, and just watch it grow by itself.

For more info and inspiration go to funny how flowers do that


photos without my watermark are courtesy of funny how flowers do that

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