Sharing Food with Friends at Happy Happy Joy Joy in Amsterdam

Who doesn’t like Asian food? If you’re planning a night out with friends, an Asian restaurant is usually your best bet as it appeals to everyone’s taste. The latest hot spot in Amsterdam West is the hip Asian restaurant Happy Happy Joy Joy on the Bilderdijkstraat 158hs. Run by famous Dutch chef cook Julius Jaspers, […]

Sharing Food with Friends at MOMO Amsterdam

Earlier this month I had a lovely lunch with the two winners of my competition in December, to celebrate the 1000th blog post of 30s Magazine. Eating at MOMO had been on my wish list since 2008, but somehow I never got to it. So it was extra fun to take two of my readers there […]

Sharing Food with Friends at Asia de Cuba in London

One of London’s most popular restaurants is Asia de Cuba.  So I’m very thrilled to give you my personal review of this hot spot. The restaurant is located in the fabulous five star hotel St Martin’s Lane. I wrote a blog post about the hotel a few weeks ago. After exploring the hotel, my friends […]