Pear harvest and a Savoury Pear Tart

One of my happy moments is a sunny autumn day that I can jump on my bike and ride to my favourite fruit orchard. The bike ride leads past blooming dahlia fields, and through beautiful lapses of nature where autumn foliage is in its full galore. I fully enjoy the Dutch picturesque scenery with the […]

Caribbean Pumpkin Soup

Like I said in my last food blog post about pumpkin pancakes, I don’t necessarily relate the orange vegetable with autumn, as it is eaten year round in the Caribbean and Surinam where I have family and roots, and therefore visit often. Thinking about that, I decided to make a pumpkin soup with a Caribbean […]

Pumpkin Pancakes

In autumn I want to cook as much as possible with pumpkin. The funny thing is, however, that I don’t necessarily relate pumpkin to cold autumn days. I go to the Caribbean island Curacao almost annually, and over there we eat pumpkin year round. Moreover pumpkins have much more flavour there, but that is besides […]

6 Autumn recipes revisited

Autumn is for spending hours in the kitchen, cooking comfort food, for nesting with a pot of tea and warm apple cake, or to go hiking in the woods or harvest the season’s fruits at your nearest pick your own orchard. Savour those simple joys in life and the rainy days don’t seem that bad […]

Summer Fruit Cobbler

One of the most popular desserts in the States is cobbler. It is a deep dish with baked fruit that is topped with dough that looks like cobbles rather than smooth. I don’t think you will ever leave a southern dinner party without eating cobbler. It’s a simple, fresh-baked dessert that celebrates the season’s fruit. […]

A summer salad: Raspberries and smoked chicken

Today I’m sharing another of my simple summer salad recipes with you to minimize time in the kitchen and above the stove. Just because sultry summer evenings are to spend in the garden or on a terrace. My raspberries and smoked chicken salad is colourful and tasty and a mix of different flavours. You can […]

Summer salad: Mixed tomatoes, feta cheese and mackerel

In summer you’d ideally like to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. Barbecuing and quickly prepping a summer salad are much more preferred. The easiest, yet very tasty and healthy, salad full of vitamins is my mixed tomatoes, feta cheese and mackerel salad. I like to take it to work for lunch, […]