6 Autumn recipes revisited

Autumn is for spending hours in the kitchen, cooking comfort food, for nesting with a pot of tea and warm apple cake, or to go hiking in the woods or harvest the season’s fruits at your nearest pick your own orchard. Savour those simple joys in life and the rainy days don’t seem that bad anymore, or at least, that is my experience. I try to celebrate autumn and its foliage and enjoy the pre-frost days as much as possible. This weekend the apple- and pear orchard where I go pick my fruit is open to the public again. I can’t wait to go and harvest apples to start baking pies and sharing recipes with you. In the meantime have a look at all my autumn recipes I posted last year. A small refresher to get you inspired…Click on the links to go to the recipes and let’s start cooking!

Start your lazy Sunday with toasted brioche, goat cheese, and plums with a lavender syrup.


Apple-Blackberry Cake, a perfect fireside treat to combine with hot coco or a pot of tea while reading your latest book.

autumn recipe 1

After a long walk through the woods, warm up with a roasted vegetables soup with pumpkin in the leading roll.

autumn recipe 2

Butternut squash with chicken and goat cheese tart is perfect for supper, especially when friends or family are coming over.

autumn recipe 3

When the first frosty nights set in all you want to do is indulge in wholesome and hearty food. Roasted vegetables, sweet potato mash and a mushroom-sausages medley will fill you up enough to face the cold.

autumn recipe 4

Whether you eat it as dessert or breakfast, Greek yoghurt with honey and roasted plums always allows for seconds. It’s healthy and sweet, and the flavours are so rich and seasonal. And if you don’t have time to roast the plums, you can also bake them quickly in a pan to bring out the sweetness even more.
autumn recipe 5

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