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Today I’ll feature the 3rd of four shopping guides in Berlin. Although my guides are already quite elaborate, I’m still not covering all there is to see and shop. Berlin is continuously changing and developing. Chances are that if you visit Berlin every two year, you’ll discover something new each time. Moreover, Berlin is at the forefront of innovative concepts in restaurants and shops. Let’s hit Berlin’s Mitte area!

Berlin Mitte

Potipoti – Rosenthalerstrasse 66

The label, Potipoti, was founded in 2005 as a collaboration between two designers, Silvia Salvador and Nando Cornejo. Their philosophy as designers is to bridge the gap between graphic design, art and fashion. They have the most lovely espadrilles in all colour imaginable, multi functional scarves and handmade jewelry. Their apparel is most of all comfy and of qualitative fabrics.

potipoti berlin IMG_6206

RSVP – Mulackstrasse 14

RSVP is a small stationery shop with exclusive and high-end notebooks, paper, pencils and pens and other paperware and office supplies.

Mamecha Green Tea Cafe – Mulackstrasse 33

I LOVED Mamecha. In this Japanese style cafe you can rest and restore your spirit while sipping at hot green tea, indulging in a bento box or green tea cake or licking a mamecha ice cream. The art of serving, tasting and drinking green tea is made accessible to the public in a fun and interesting way. There are many green tea variations to choose from. They also sell the most beautiful tea tins and other small gifts.

IMG_6254 IMG_6258 IMG_6261


Lala Berlin – Mulackstrasse 7

Lala Berlin is a German ready-to-wear label for women between 18-49 years. The name “lala“ stands for the nickname of company founder and designer Leyla Piedayesh. The designs are young, dynamic, and urban, and make use of high-end materials such as silk, cashmere, leather, jersey and wool. It’s a mix of bohemian, bourgeois and avantgarde deriving inspiration from the uncomplicated and eclectic lifestyle of women.


Das Neue Schwarz – Mulackstrasse 38

If your looking for exclusive high end vintage designer fashion you are at the right address. Das Neue Schwarz sells  brands like Helmut Lang, Margiela, Raf Simons,  Bless, Jil Sander and many more. The interior of the store is by artist Christophe Charon and Kyla Boyle.  They hung wooden planks  in the store, on top of which accessories are displayed.


IMG_6242 IMG_6244

lo Spaventapasseri – Mulackstrasse 3

This Italian label is all run by females. The designs are unconventional, comfortable and timeless. When I visited the store, the collection was inspired by Japanese shapes and kimonos. The clothes were minimalistic with a feminine flair.

IMG_6245 IMG_6247

Polly Paper – Gipsstrasse 23B

Another great stationery shop with beautiful notebooks, gift wrap paper, stamps, masking tape and other office supplies and decoration materials.

IMG_6229 IMG_6230 IMG_6233

da Piadina – Auguststrasse 49A

I had a lovely lunch in this Italian inspired cafe. Italian mother and daughter run this small cafe where they sell delicious, fresh and authentic Italian piadinas and crescionis. The piadina is a traditional flatbread from Emilia-Romagna. You usually eat it warm, but they also serve cold variations. A flatbread is filled with typical products of the region between Bologna and Rimini. Everything is freshly made in front of you in the open kitchen. The dough of water and flour, olive oil and salt, is freshly baked and then stuffed with the ingredients of your choice like tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, parma ham etc. On the stove a big pan of soup is simmering and the Italian mama occasionally stirs in it. They serve the meals with excellent coffee, organic juice, or fresh teas like mint-ginger-orange tea. It’s also a nice place to go for something sweet, as their baked goods are also fresh, and looked delicious.

IMG_6210 IMG_6214 IMG_6218

Milch Halle – Auguststrasse 50

Another great place to have breakfast or lunch is the Milch Halle where they serve fresh baked bread, salads, waffles, porridge and more healthy delicacies.


Do you read me – Auguststrasse 28

Try leaving empty-handed from this magazine store. I did, but I still can’t believe I did. The magazine shop is not like any other book- or magazine store. They carry a selected assortment of magazines and readings from around the world. So not the commercial throw away after reading magazines you find in the supermarket, but magazines that I would read from cover to cover and save in my book case. The spectrum ranges from fashion, photography and art, through architecture, interior and design to cultural matters and society.


Factory Girl – Auguststrasse 29

I haven’t eaten at the Factory Girl, but what I saw on the plates of the guests looked so good, that I popped in just to remember this place for the next time I’m in Berlin. The interior was as inviting as were the dishes. Fresh and homemade meals are served up in a friendly and laid back atmosphere.

factory girl

Shiso Burger – Auguststrasse 29C

I loved the concept of Shiso Burger. They serve burgers in little steam baskets that have a little Japanese spunk to them, e.g. marinated tuna or by adding honey-ginger mustard sauce. The drinks are also to die for like the lychee lemonade or the mint-shiso tea.

The Barn Café – Auguststrasse 58

If you like to go anywhere for coffee, go to the Barn Cafe, or their other location, the Barn Roastery. Their coffee menu offers a range of espresso drinks and handbrewed filter coffees. There is a variety of homemade cakes, scones and sandwiches that are all prepared on site, and they also serve fresh juices and speciality tea.


Schönhauser Design – Alte Schönhauser Strasse 28

For design furniture, exclusive accessories and gifts and unique stationary you go to this larger version of the store in Prenzlauerberg, I featured in my last blog post. The one in Kastanienallee focused more on accessories, as this one has a wide range of renowned furniture designs as well.


IMG_6264 IMG_6269

Le Monde Nallik – Brunnenstrasse 18

Unfortunately the shop was closed when I finally reached it, but I couldn’t stop drooling over the jewelry I admired in the shop window. Le Monde Nallik sells raw and precious stones jewelry like amethyst, amazonite, quartz, ruby opal and so on. The designer, Jean Balke travels to India, Morocco and New York frequently to discover and handpick unique stones. He uses a lot of brass and bronze in his jewelry, which pair perfectly, especially if you go for the natural raw look.


Here ends my shopping guide of Berlin Mitte. Of course there is much more to see and shop in Mitte, but I will save that for my next visit.

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