Falling asleep in a Forest inspired bedroom

One of the interior design trends for fall and winter is the nordic nature trend. Forest animals like the owl, deer, wolf, squirrel and fox are depicted on textiles, wallpaper and ceramics. This trend is also applicable in children’s rooms, because which kid wouldn’t like to camp in his or her own room? How to get the nordic nature look? 30s Magazine selected the most stylish accessories to get you started.

Duvet by Nordmikkili.com | wooden hooks by HK Livingwonenmetlef.nl | wooden stools by HK Livingwonenmetlef.nl | owl pillow by Bloomingvillewonenmetlef.nl | fluffy deer head by Basic Label | toadstool wooden wall lamp by Ferm Livingwonenmetlef.nl | squirrel pillow by House Doctorwonenmetlef.nl | hedgehog plate and cup by Nordmikkili.com | wooden coat rack by House Doctorwonenmetlef.nl | ceramic box with deer by RaederAccessorizeyourhome.nl | adhesive wall decal by AnnawandZalando.nl | tree wall decal by Fermlivingwonenmetlef.nl | lamp with wood print by Annawand | faux fur throw by H&M Home

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6 thoughts on “Falling asleep in a Forest inspired bedroom

  1. I like the logs and think they could be wonderful for a serene bedroom
    The animals motifs I would not use for my bedroom, they would scare the heck out of me if I woke up in the middle of the night:)
    Amalia from BYW

  2. Hi Louise,
    Haikje here from BYW. Love this post, it’s really my style and it could be on my blog! I even have some of the things you showed in my “blog folder” waiting to be blogged about 🙂 Your blog looks very professional. The only thing I miss is your contact info (I personally don’t like to get in contact via an e-mail form, I like it when I have an e-mailadres). Good luck and I am going to visit your blog in the future to see what you are up to 🙂

    1. Hi Haikje,
      Thank you for your comment. I’ll have a look at your blog later today. I leave out my e-mail address on purpose to avoid commercial spammers and businesses putting me on their press-list without my permission. I don’t want any unwanted e-mail. This way I’m more in control of my inbox. Thank you for your feedback though.

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