Enjoy the beach in style with Made by Nanna

Are you packing your beach bag already? This weekend we are all bound to head to the beach or the lake or even better, some of us are going on holiday.  And surely we also want to look our best near the shore. So let’s talk beach bags. I found these stylish ones by Dutch […]

Follow your Passion: Valerie Parisius makes non-traditional jewelry

Sometimes you discover that there are some very talented people in your own network. That happened to me a few months ago, when two of my friends shared photos of their friend- Valerie Parisius – on their facebook timeline. It were pictures of jewelry she had designed. The colours and designs jumped off the screen, […]

In de Knoop

Ik heb weer een aantal juweeltjes ontdekt, om hebberig van te worden! De bohemian chic knooparmbandjes van Etsy-shop SlashKnots gemaakt van lederen crochet bandjes, rustieke bedeltjes, en gekleurde kraaltjes. Shabby Chic met een stoer randje. Het mooist is een combi van twee of drie, maar met eentje kan ik ook wel uit de voeten. Bron […]