Adding Greenery to the Christmas Decor

christmas evergreen

Now that my tree is up and all my ornaments are in place, it’s time to throw in the greenery. Using greenery not only livens up the place but also adds atmosphere because of the combination of the wonderful aromatic  evergreens. Eucalyptus, cedar, pine, juniper and balsam all have that distinct fragrance that draws you in […]

Making a last-minute Christmas wreath

Happy 4th Advent Sunday everyone! Are you up for a last-minute DIY project? All you need is some Christmas evergreen and baby-breath. Make your own indoor wreath as an embellishment above your mantelpiece, on a door, or in the hallway. Another idea is to make a small one and use it as a tag on […]

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

The Netherlands is covered in snow! What a pretty site. I always feel that when it snows, and the streets are dreamy white, it gets so quiet and peaceful. Voices and noises are muffled, and all you can hear is the snow crunching under your feet and the sounds of nature: icicles dripping, birds in the bushes, […]