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Adding Greenery to the Christmas Decor

Now that my tree is up and all my ornaments are in place, it’s time to throw in the greenery. Using greenery not only livens up the place but also adds atmosphere because of the combination of the wonderful aromatic  evergreens. Eucalyptus, cedar, pine, juniper and balsam all have that distinct fragrance that draws you in the Christmas mood. By misting them with water daily you will keep them fresh so you can enjoy the scents for weeks. On average, the evergreen will stay good for about two weeks.

Mix the evergreens up with typical winter flowers like blue thistles and the amaryllis to create a Christmas bouquet. Or arrange a few pine branches in a bowl with cinnamon and clove baubles. The easiest way to add greenery and fragrance to your home is by including hyacinth bulbs. At the store you can find decorative ones as well with bulbs covered in glitter.

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