Brussels sprouts & Butternut squash soup

Seasonal cooking is one of the best things. With the cold evenings there is nothing better than to come home and cook comfort food. The other day I didn’t feel like cooking at all, nor going outside again to get groceries. The only things I had in the fridge were some leftover brussels sprouts, lamb […]

Caribbean Pumpkin Soup

Like I said in my last food blog post about pumpkin pancakes, I don’t necessarily relate the orange vegetable with autumn, as it is eaten year round in the Caribbean and Surinam where I have family and roots, and therefore visit often. Thinking about that, I decided to make a pumpkin soup with a Caribbean […]

Soulful Soup: Roasted vegetables soup

I made the most scrumptious, comforting soup ever! By accident, that is. I had a lot of small amounts of vegetables left in the fridge that I needed to use before they would go to waste. And I also had some bacon left. So I decided to repeat my roasted vegetables recipe from last week, […]