Thanksgiving Tablescape

Countdown to Thanksgiving has started! Are you still in doubt how to dress your table next week? Then just keep following my blog because this week I’m sharing more Thanksgiving inspiration, starting with another Thanksgiving tablescape. Whoever said autumn is about dark and moody colours, might want to think that over again, because with today’s […]

5 creative Thanksgiving table settings

I bet a lot of Americans are already planning their Thanksgiving dinner. And while I’m not American, and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the Netherlands, I made it my own anyway. Partly because I have an emotional, family and historical connection with the United States, but also because I just love the philosophy and historical […]

3 Hearty comfort foods for fall

Temperatures are dropping and the majority of the day it’s raining cats and dogs. Outdoor activities leave you feeling chilled and hungry. Hearty comfort food is abundantly available at the farmers markets and supermarkets: pumpkins, squash, corn, potatoes. I decided to get it all and take advantage of the seasonal produce while I can. It […]