Happy Valentine’s Day

How to throw a memorable (Valentine’s Day) High Tea in 5 steps

Valentine’s Day might be a day for couples, but it is also a great opportunity to share and celebrate your love and warm feelings of friendship with your girlfriends. There are after all also many women (and men) out there who dread February 14th because they are single and feel left out or extra lonely that day. […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

30s Magazine wishes all readers a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine

30s Magazine wishes all readers a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Ladder Love: For your Valentine

Surround yourself with symbols of love and jazz up your decorative ladder rungs for Valentine’s day with just a few simple accessories. You instantly get an affectionate atmosphere with heartfelt homemade decorations like a doillies garland, or a blooming bulb in a vintage tea cup. Then pull it together with a romantic flower arrangement and […]

A Valentine Breakfast for Two

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. If you haven’t made plans for a romantic getaway or cosy dinner it’s still worth to do something special, so why not start the day of with a memorable breakfast? It can be quite simple and you can set the table the night before. A few heart shaped sandwiches, […]

Basking in the simple things

During my holiday break I finally got to have a closer look at two books that have been sitting on my desk. One was a birthday present, and is a Dutch book called Gezelligheid in Wintertijd. (coziness in winter time) The book inspires us to have a cozy winter at home by celebrating traditions, playing […]