Basking in the simple things

During my holiday break I finally got to have a closer look at two books that have been sitting on my desk. One was a birthday present, and is a Dutch book called Gezelligheid in Wintertijd. (coziness in winter time)


The book inspires us to have a cozy winter at home by celebrating traditions, playing games, making ice candles, cooking and baking heartsome foods and celebrating winter in our decorations. It’s all about creating total bliss at home outside the Christmas season but still in winter. The book features a lot of photos that are inspiring enough without reading the texts.


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The other is a book by one of my favourite bloggers, the talented Yvonne Bauer, better known as Fräulein Klein. Her book Die Wunderbare Welt von Fräulein Klein. Backzouber und dekolust, published by Callwey, is a lovely resource to bask in the simple things by making them prettier and more festive.


Although her blog and book are in German, it is “readable” by anyone due to the great amount of stunning photos, something Yvonne is renowned for. As on her blog she captures mundane things in a feminine, and charming way. Every photo is like a little party. Her book has four chapters according to the seasons in which she shares seasonal recipes for baking, decoration examples, and crafting to build your own private party for just you or host one in a unique way for guests. All the annual festivities are highlighted, giving us ideas and inspiration for e.g. Valentine’s day baking and decorating, Easter, Halloween or Christmas. She shows us how to make cute napkins, how to decorate with masking tape in summer, or how to set an adorable Easter table setting. It is the perfect incentive to start being more creative and savour the seasons and its small celebrations by just adding small details.

Both books are available at and amazon.

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