Persimmon chutney

It has only been a few months ago that I first tried a persimmon. (kakifruit in Dutch) I had seen them at the super market, but never knew what it was. Two months ago I decided to google it and found out it is high in vitamins and fiber so I thought I’d give it a go. I have been hooked on them ever since. Persimmon is originally a Chinese fruit. The Persimmon needs to ripen until the peel turns redish and the first brown spots appear. But it is worth the wait, because the taste is sweet like honey. If I have to compare it to a fruit it comes closest to a mango I think. I have made smoothies with it, salads and now also chutney. The chutney with raisins, coriander, red onion and red chili combines perfectly with chicken or with a cheddar cheese platter and crackers. For more persimmon recipes click here.

IMG_9109 persimon chutney persimon

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