Tasty kitchenware from La Cocotte

If you’re ever in Paris, you should definitely pay a visit to La Cocotte. La Cocotte is a lovely bookstore nested in the very lively Faidherbe-Chaligny neighborhood in the 11th arrondisement. They sell everything related to cooking: Cookbooks, history books on cooking, funny books about foods that make you fart (and their fart-antidote recipes), food design books, photography books, novels, essays… all with a common theme: food. Especially on a rainy day it’s a delight to nestle yourself on the large wooden table in front of the window and indulge yourself into one of their homemade pastries and a cup of tea while flipping through books. Or you can join one of their many cooking workshops.

Few countries have developed a culinary mythology so rich and complex as France. The owners of La Cocotte, Andrea Wainer and Laetitia Bertrand have transformed that traditional culinary culture into elegant, modern and a bit quirky kitchen related accessories and other gourmet things. The designs of their kitchen textiles are a mix of toile de Jouy, Vichy, or bistro blue with cheerful yet refined patterns and shapes. Their signature hen shows up in funky fluorescent pink and blue giving things a playful look.

La Cocotte is available internationally. Check their website for sales points. You can also order online. In the Netherlands available at Buiten de lijntjes

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