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A shop that has stolen my heart this summer is Woonwinkel ‘t Klooster (translation: Home store the Convent). When entering the store it feels like coming home, and therefore it’s hard to leave, let alone empty-handed. The store is located in a breathtaking monumental building from 1922 in the village Bovenkarspel. When the last nuns moved out 16 years ago, Ingrid and Hans bought the building, renovated it, and moved in. They use the top floor and attic for living, and the first floor and basement as a home furnishing store.

In various styled rooms the store presents numerous unique collections and inspirational interior design ideas in the field of colour, paint, curtains, wall paper, furniture, decorations and lighting. Each space in the building is styled as if it were a functional room, and all in their own unique atmosphere and style.

In each room they have styled and on display a mix and match of renowned brands, with a few of my favourites you might have seen in my earlier blog posts, like Designers Guild, Farrow & Ball, Carte Colori,  Rivièra Maison, Blanc d’Ivoire, Keijser & Co, Jeanne d’Arc, Flamant, Baan meubelen, Tierlantijn Verlichting, Lifestyle, Sissit, Bloomingville, Tine K Home, PTMD-stylestore, Hoffz, Miss Etoile, Arte Pura, LODSH, Olav-home, Saitee, HK-living, and HOFFZ-Castle Stones. But they also have their own paint which they make in the basement, their own floors, and they make hand-crafted furniture on demand. So if you can’t find your ideal TV cabinet e.g., you can sit down with them and have it designed and produced for you, how cool is that? And if you are really clueless you can also contract them to decorate your home or a room for you.

There are many options to choose from in the store in terms of colors, shapes, sizes, materials and furnishings. Because they mix and match brands, and change collections and styling occasionally, each visit to the store becomes a new experience and source of inspiration. I have become a fan, and I am very excited to see what they will have in store for me next time.

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  1. Ja geweldig he? Ik was er laatst nog voor Ariadne at Home (voor de woonwinkelselectie). Zo’n waanzinnig mooie stijl! Ingrid zei toen dat ze dacht dat 30smagazine ook een blog van mij was. Deze post bewijst maar weer hoe gelijk onze smaak is 😉

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