Lazy Susan

I’m totally obsessing over the home decor brand Lazy Susan and can’t wait for its expansion to Europe. Originating in Japan, the label derives its name from the concept of a popular 1960s fixture found in many American households – a large, rotating tray set on the dining table intended to simplify life.  Lazy Susan designs are decorative accessories for the home. They are mostly made of natural textures, earthy materials, and of high quality craftmanship. On the one hand you have the shiny and reflective surfaces, and on the other the rustic, natural textures. The shapes are clean and simple design, yet innovative and eclectic, by mixing modern and classic influences. I especially love the items collected from or influenced by their global travels like e.g. an Oriental wind chime or a decorative coconut ball with drilled holes.

Modern with raw, dry wood, natural botanicals with steel or sparkling crystal on a rustic table. Their unique pairing of materials creates an exciting and fresh environment that is visually stimulating and naturally beautiful.

The vintage charm of five wire basket cages, each shaped a little differently, create a hanging lamp that is a rustic accent for the home.

A lamp that mixes an industrial vibe with an organic shape to make a contemporary statement above a kitchen island or down a hallway. Hung by an airy yet sturdy chain, this rolled steel is cut to resemble a layered lotus flower. The unique juxtaposition between a hard metal and a delicate shape is beautifully realized in this floral lamp.

Reminiscent of medieval iconography, a bygone era brought up to warp speed that exhibits fierce presence with tempered silhouettes in a distinctive patina for the barrel shaped drum. The hand-forged dappled iron with hammered rivet nail-head details around top and bottom edges, lets the drum be multi-taskers as storage, or flip over as side tables or seats to create a raw industrial feeling.

I just adore this large lava orbit hurricane.

A tray of faux pony hair, Ginger Spiked Lontar Urns, and a Fisherman Rope Basket Set. What’s not to love in this picture?

Lazy Susan has sales points in Australia, the USA, and Japan. You can also visit their webstore here.

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