Foodstyling and -photography 101

About a month ago I found out  about a food styling and food photography workshop. I had always wanted to do that, so I registered without hesitation.  And I’m so glad I did, because the workshop, which took place yesterday, was hands down creative and informative. The workshop leaders are Simone and Alexandra. Simone is a professional photographer with two inspiring food blogs. Alexandra is an interior and culinary stylist.

During the workshop we discussed food photography, like colour and composition, lighting, camera techniques, and food styling like: where to find props, basic styling tips and tricks, planning your shoot and food preparation. Next on the agenda was putting the new information into practice. In pairs we were to style and photograph four different recipes. We had access to a large collection of props to choose from. My partner for the day was Danique, a young talented freelance photographer who also had a few photography tricks up her sleeve I didn’t know yet. So I also learned a lot from her.

The recipes we were to style and photograph were: bread with houmous, olives and roasted pepper, a fluffy butter and lavender cake, snack size pizza squares, and a salad of rice, green peas, mackerel and green beans. I have to say I’m very satisfied with the outcome, and in particular with the mackerel composition. Even the workshop leaders were impressed and we were granted the “highlight of the day” title. To see me and Danique in action, and to see how the other pairs styled the same ingredients click here.  For more information about registering for this workshop go here.

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  1. Wow… So impressed with your results Louise! It was great having you over yesterday and yes that mackerel remains my favorite! Love your compilation of the shots of that setup too. Really good…:) Thanks for this lovely post!

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