Going for Gold

Talk of the town at the Olympic opening ceremony were the outfits of the British athletes. White training suits with gold accent pieces that looked like foil. Although the suits were a fashion faux, the combination of gold and white is anything but a mistake. Gold is currently enjoying a style renaissance, although in a subtle way – think burnished gold and soft champagne.  I foresee gold to gain popularity in home decor the closer we get to christmas. Mark my words! To keep it classy and tasteful, use golden accents, and accessories. Pair gold with soft pastels and white to avoid that classic french look which you do get when mixing it with burgundy, green and red. A splash of ornate gold from a mirror or vase is usually just the twist needed. If you’re opting for more glam, use larger items like a throw or Morrocan poufs.

Images: 1. Thornton Designs | 2. Zara Home | 3. Door knob from Anthropologie | 4. Zara Home

Images: 1. Gold dipped cutlery from Anthropologie | 2. Buffer lamp, designed by Wieki Somers of white ceramics with an inner wall covered in lustre golden glaze | 3. tumbler Zara Home | 4. table Zinc Door

Images: 1. Livingetc | 2.  Bath towels Zara Home | 3. Soap dispenser Zara Home | 4. Livingetc

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