Scented Crystal

The French…you’ve got to love them for their elegance and sophistication. Like the brand Côte BastideLast weekend I treated myself to a box of Côte Bastide‘s Crystal Pot Pourri. The Tilleul Crystal potpourri I have, (meaning lime tree), is infused with lime blossom, lemon tree leaf, angelica, watermelon, cyclamen, cut hay, and acacia wood. Crystal Pot Pourri is made from the resin of the Acacia tree, which is only found in the south of France, Italy and in Morocco. When the resin crystallizes, they infuse it with essential oils.

The crystal pot pourri looks fabulous in a bowl, and the scent is soft and not too dominant to take over the room. The crystals come in different scents: Amber with vanilla, Orange Blossom, Pamplemousse (refreshing fragrance of tree ripened pink grapefruit) and my Limetree. They are packaged in a nicely crafted small cardboard box perfect for gift giving.

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