I Wish Upon a Star

Last night, my friend (and also neighbour), and I sat ourselves down on the balcony to enjoy wine and cheese and good conversation to start the weekend. We have been neighbours and friends for ten years now, imagine that. The summer here in Holland is not what it used to be, so the sunny and warm days are embraced with much delight. As the night fell we could first enjoy a stunning pinkish sky, followed by a clear night sky full of twinkling stars and flickering lights of crossing airplanes air bound to far away places.

On the news, I heard that from August 9 till August 11, with the 11th being the peak, you are very likely to see shooting stars. Cause of that is the Perseids meteor. At the meteor shower’s peak you might see a few dozen meteors per hour, the weather man said. And we wanted to see this.

“Shooting stars” and “falling stars” are both names that describe meteors — streaks of light across the night sky caused by small bits of interplanetary rock and debris called meteoroids vaporizing high in Earth’s upper atmosphere. When a meteor appears, it seems to “shoot” quickly across the sky, and its small size and intense brightness might make you think it is a star. (source: Stardate)

I am happy to say, I saw 3 shooting stars! And although it wasn’t the first time I saw a falling star, I still found it very special. And beside that, having wine and cheese with a neighbour friend on a summer’s night under a clear, star-filled sky is also a gratifying experience in itself. So my lifestyle tip for today is: Go sit outside tonight and watch the shooting stars. And don’t forget to make a wish.

Perseiden meteor – source: De Koepel.nl

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