Hotel to Heart: Areias do Seixo in Portugal

I haven’t been to this hotel yet, but it is high on my to do list. It is my definition of eco-chic. The Areias do Seixo in Portugal is an eco-friendly hotel in an unspoilt area overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and dunes. The interior is just stunning and elegant and tasteful. What I love most about the hotel are the individually unique styled rooms, each with their own charm and personality.  It’s amazing how the design has nature integrated into it. The 14 rooms have colours and designs from India and Morocco as a starting point, mixed with modern minimalism and rustic elements to create beautiful colour schemes, and sanctuary bathrooms. Beds framed from driftwood; warm gold Chinese cabinets; and rustic silver lamps. Natural elements like pebbles give it a sense of calm and back to basics.

My favourite rooms are the golden rooms, and the Three wishes room. They are sleek yet calming, with concrete and, steel on the one hand, and soft quilts and fabrics on the other hand to balance it. Bedside tables from recycled branches with a granite top, who would think of that? Best are the bathrooms with big bath tubs and carved wooden tree sculptures. There is so much to get inspiration from for your own home. The photos are all so beautiful, that I couldn’t make a small selection. So I just post all 17 of my favourites. Happy scrolling.

photos by Areias do Seixo 

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4 thoughts on “Hotel to Heart: Areias do Seixo in Portugal

  1. When scrolling through all the pictures, I was thinking of what piece I would like to have in my place. I like the eco touch a lot but would not decorate my home a 100% in this style. So, after having a hard time, I finally decided to go for the wooden armchair made out of one single piece in pics 4 and 10. The knitted one is gorgeous too. And they have some interesting deco ideas as well for mirror tiles. Nice find!

  2. Hi Louise! Areias do Seixo is really nice and this one is quite nice too: “L’AND VINEYARDS HOTEL” in Montemor. I’ve been there with my wife and we really enjoyed it, but i believe Areias do Seixo is even better. Great blog/web site you have here. Nice tips! Thanks for the comment on my blog (

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