Paris-Paris Dinnerware

Yesterday I spotted some beautiful tableware by Gien. The Gien dinnerware “Paris – Paris” has watercolour illustrations by Isabelle Barthel, and is like a road map, showing various Paris “quartiers”. As if taking a romantic stroll through the French capital, one can admire famous sights such as the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré Coeur, but attention is also drawn to the inimitable bistro chairs outside the cafés or the Art Nouveau subway entrances.

Isabelle Barthel captures the Parisian street colours in her watercolours: the diffuse grey of the streets, the charcoal grey of the park benches, the bronze shade of the Eiffel Tower and the brick red of the chimneys intermingle with the milky blue of the Seine and the fresh green of the parks, creating gorgeous images of Paris.

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