We’ll always have Paris: Nouveau Fall Collection

One of my first blog posts was about the Dutch fashion designer Michael Barnaart van Bergen and his collection of dresses inspired by paintings of Mondriaan. (read here) His new collection for autumn and winter 2012 is called Nouveau Fall, and is inspired by French cinema.

In 1888 Louis Aimée Augustin Le Prince made the first movie. Shortly thereafter, the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière made furore with this new invention. Immediately after the first performance in Paris in 1895 thousands of people came to the motion pictures. In the early days eighty percent of the global film production came from France. The films were still without speech, so there were no language barriers. Eventually the American film prevailed, but the French Nouveau Vague did renew the early ’60s movies. Film was to be seen as a separate art form. The Nouvelle Vague still has influence on international cinema.

Diverse facets of French cinema served as an inspiration for this collection: the ‘noise’ (scratches) on the roll, nostalgic designs, attractive colors and the liberated French film stars of yesteryear.


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