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Who doesn’t know Missoni? The design brand renowned for its zigzags and colour madness?  While other fashion designers conjure up new trends, stick with  black and white, or restrict their colour palette, Missoni continues, year in year out, with the whole spectrum. Moreover they don’t even restrict to a harmonious coulour scheme. Instead, they go for synergy and let colours play off one another. Playing it down is a phrase unknown to the Italian design family.

At the Dutch homefair (de Woonbeurs) I stumbled upon various Missoni Home pillows at one of the exhibitors stand. After all, we can’t all afford a whole Missoni interior, but with a throw, a few pillows or a pouf, you can still get the look.  De Kussenwinkel offers a whole range of Missoni Home designs for any space, have a look.

Photos courtesy of De Kussenwinkel

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