Making an Impression: Designing & Creating Artful Stamps

In my posts about desktop wall calendars you might have noticed her already. I’m talking about Geninne Zlatkis. Known for her beautiful illustrations and use of natural elements and colours. I follow her on instagram as well where she posts the most amazing photos of her projects and collections. Later this month her first book gets launched but I got it earlier, lucky me!

The book Making an Impression: Designing & Creating Artful Stamps showcases how Geninne makes stamps, photo frames, a bird brooch, gift tags, just to name a few projects. Every project is explained step-by-step, visually and verbally.  Twenty beautiful and creative craft projects are shared with us to try ourselves. And the best thing is, that all templates are included in the back and can be copied directly from the book for image transfer, stamp design or collage materials. The book is a treasure for crafty people who want to create unique things. And it’s especially a must-have for birds and flora lovers.

Gennine Zlatkis lives outside Mexico City and is an illustrator with her own online Etsy shop. She also blogs about her projects which are in general whimsical and nature inspired. Her painting, writing, stamping and collages are sold at Urban Outfitters.


Would you like to get a copy of this beautiful book? You can! Here’s what to do:

1. Leave a comment stating why you should be the lucky winner.

2. Go over to the 30s Magazine Facebook page and become a fan by liking the page

The winner will be drawn on October 31 and you will be informed via Facebook.

Making an impression, designing & creating artful stamps, Geninne Zlatkis, Lark Crafts, 136 pages, ISBN 978-1454701255


  1. Hello
    Came across your blog as a fellow BYW person and am so glad I did. What a lovely post. As an illustrator myself I haven’t ever seen Geninne Zlatkis’ work. It’s stunning. Would love to win the book;) I’ll go over and like your page now too.
    Gabs x

  2. What a wonderful book Louise! The cover is amazing! Never made stamps before. I would be very interested in learning how to make stamps. Will the book be available on amazon? BTW I would love to win the book, which you are generously giving away. It would remind me of my time with my grand grand mother. She taught me knitting and sewing.
    Wish you a wonderful sunday my dear Louise,

  3. Oh Louise! You darling girl. What a delightful giveaway. I have admired Gennine for ages after bring tipped by my dear friend, Felicity of Gifts of Serendipity. I would cherish her book with the imminent launch of my Etsy shop – as a lifelong philatelist, I would love crating some stamps! J x

  4. Would love to learn how to make stamps. Even though I am very creative, it seems nice to have such a beautiful book as a reference. So I’d love to win!

  5. Wow – I love this book and would love to learn these techniques! I can see myself using this to create my own unique packaging for my home accessories products or perhaps I can use these techniques and print on fabric for my new line of pillows. I’m enrolled in a Block-printing class which starts on 10/17 – so winning this book would be in perfect alignment with my class! I love your blog – I found it as I too am a fellow BYW member! Just liked your page. Thank you!

  6. Hi Louise,
    I found you through BYW Bootcamp, which is my first foray into blogging. My new site is midlife2design, in which I hope to document my evolution from career woman to creative woman. I’m jobless, but am discovering new opportunities amidst the struggle. I’m taking care of my elderly parents and that’s priceless. But I’m passionate about collages, painting and stamping — all new pursuits at the age of 50! — so I thought I’d toss my hat into the ring for your gorgeous book.

  7. i love Genine’s art work and her book looks amazing! I’d love to give some of the projects a go!!

  8. Ooooh! I WANT this! I love stamps and making them. Wish I had more time. This is a beautiful book that I would use for inspiration daily! I also liked your FB page. Thanks!

  9. I am amazed by Gennine’s work, the color and the details in it. That she can do this with her stamps, too, is inspiring. I’d love to learn from her.

  10. Ik leerde Gennine’s werk kennen via jouw post over de desktop calendars. Mooie give away, een boek gevuld met creatieve projecten >> And that’s so me! Helemaal nu het binnen-seizoen weer is begonnen :):)

  11. Denk niet dat ik meer recht heb op het boek dan iemand anders, maar zou het wel graag aan mijn collectie boeken willen toevoegen, want het ziet er prachtig uit! 🙂

  12. Liz Caldwell is the lucky winner. Liz please send me a PM on Facebook with your details so I can send you the book.


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