Fall pleasures

Cool, crisp wind. Beautiful leaves. An oversized sweater and boots. And a cup of hot chocolate. I love this time of year, at least, when it’s sunny like this weekend. I try to soak it all in, because before you know it, we’ll have those rainy days again. I went to the royal estate De Horsten in Wassenaar where our prince and his family lives. It’s one of my favourite hang-outs in fall and winter.

And there’s no nicer way to end a long walk in the woods with a mug of hot chocolate and chunks of nougat with ginger and cranberries. I love the hot chocolate from Whittard. Right now I have the banana flavoured one, but there are so many other great flavours: luxury white, creme brulee, rocky road, orange, ginger, rhubarb, mint, and so on. You can see all their flavours here. Whittard hot chocolate is in the Netherlands available at coffee and tea stores, like the Tea Bar in Amsterdam.

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